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The purpose of the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is to foster and promote a better understanding and a closer relationship between the school and the home so that parents and teachers can more effectively work together in communicating,  educating, and supporting the best possible education


All parents, guardians, school staff and community members are encouraged to join the PTO. Meetings may occur virtually or in-person time and day will be announced. If virtual meeting link will be sent to you via an electronic RSVP link. 


What you get when you join:
• Information- By joining the parent group, you will receive a weekly email of information about what is happening at the school and in your community.
• Decision Making Opportunities-  By joining the parent group, you will have decision making partnership opportunities with the school.
• A Voice- By joining the parent group, you will have a voice in helping the school reach their goals as we collectively work together to provide the best education for our children.

• Parent to Parent Support and Accountability- PTO gives parents a platform to speak to each other, encourage and share
• Parent to Classroom Support- you will gain a better understanding of what is needed from parents and the community to support instruction and overall classroom experience
• Parent to School Support- Learn about volunteer opportunities and what you can do to support the school beyond the classroom

**When parents, caregivers and the community stay connected and are actively involved with the school community, student academics and behaviors improve**



Questions? Contact: George Buntin, Community School Coordinator


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