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Gifted and Advanced Learning 
Parent Resources

The Gifted and Advanced Learning Team has been hard at work locating resources to help ensure continued academic challenge and engagement for our gifted learners during the extended closure. While these resources have been selected with gifted learners in mind, these resources are available to support all of our families. If your child is completing their grade-level assignments quickly and needs an additional challenge, these resources are right for you!


Everfi is a digital platform providing quality, interactive, curriculum-related resources with relevant and authentic real-life scenarios for K-12 students to make deeper connections to abstract concepts. Their material covers five general buckets: financial education, social-emotional learning, health and wellness, career readiness, and a section on early learning for younger GAL students.

-Everfi Education for the Real World

-Everfi Digital Lessons for Remote Learning

-Everfi in Clever


Legends of Learning (LoL) is a web and app-based independent learning platform for math and science. LoL offers two appealing ways to access its content: either student-directed, so they can choose the content they’d like to explore, or “teacher” directed, where you can set up a “playlist” of activities for your Wildcat to explore. It’s free; it’s fun. Content is geared for grades 3-8. Parents can sign up as a teacher in order to get started, but we also have access through Clever!

-Information for parents (broad overview)

-How to set up a parent (as teacher) account

-Trying games before you assign them to your Wildcat


All Wildcat students have access to Renzulli learning. You will need to contact your ELA teacher for your login if your teacher hasn’t posted this information already. Once you login, you will be asked to take a short interest survey. This will help the website recommend learning projects based on your interests. Then, you will be able to explore topics that you’re curious about! Your teacher is there to guide you, but they generally won’t be assigning you work. You will have the ability to learn and explore based on what you’re passionate about!

Go to

Additional Digital Resources

In addition to the resources which we are able to provide through Clever, you can also access the following websites to provide additional enrichment and academic challenge for your gifted child.

  • Mensa for Kids – Grades K-8 has a lot of challenges, activities, lessons, and games for gifted students that can easily be done at home.

  • Scratch Jr. – Grades K-2
    Students learn how to code with games, problems, and interactive stories.

  • Scratch – Grades 3-8
    Students can create their own interactive stories, games, and animations by using coding.

  • National Association for Gifted Children
    A digital clearinghouse for resources vetted by the preeminent voice in gifted education in America, this site features links to a wide variety of additional resources from daily performances by the Metropolitan Opera to webinars teaching students in grades 3-8 how to code. Visit to learn more.

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