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Principal's Welcome

Dear Parents and Staff,


Welcome back to the New Wildwood Elementary Middle School (WEMS)! It’s that time of year again when we begin to prepare for school! It’s with great honor that I greet you as the new Principal of WEMS!  I’m excited to become a part of the WEMS family. Throughout my 26-year career in the Baltimore City Public School System, I was a teacher for 10 years, Assistant Principal for 9 years, and a Principal for 7 years to the current. I have worked to increase student achievement while making learning fun for students. Together, as parents, staff, and community partners, we will implement the vision and mission of this school with fidelity to “Nurture, Engage and Empower the Whole child for life-long excellence.”


What’s new at WEMS? We are a Social Emotional Learning Site (SEL), a key component of the Baltimore City Blue Print’s emphasis on engaging students and fostering their learning by recognizing them as whole individuals. We will have an inviting space (classroom) where students can reflect and decompress.




Dr. Tanyaneka Lipscomb

Our Vision

To nurture, engage and empower the whole child for life-long excellence. 

Our Mission

To empower the whole child through rigorous and effective instructional practices, student engagement, and on-going school-wide collaboration that is student centered and goal oriented

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